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August 08, 2019

President Donald Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Vietnamese People Need Your Support in Their Fight against Chinas Aggression

Dear Mr. President:

We would like to express our concern regarding the recent activities of Communist China in the waters of South China Sea (a.k.a. the Vietnamese East Sea) that are under Vietnamese jurisdiction.

Throughout her history, Vietnam had had to fight against the aggressions by the more populous China whose three occupations totaling one thousand years only ended in 937 AD when the Vietnamese people finally expelled the South Hans Dynastys occupying forces. Despite its failed attempts to annex Vietnam, however, China has never ceased its territorial ambitions. In the 20th century, Communist China occupied three islands of the Paracel and then occupied the whole archipelago belonging to the Republic of Vietnam. Again, in 1988, the Chinese seized seven islands in the Spratly archipelago from Vietnam.

In 2009, the Communist Chinese reactivated a 60-year old nine-dash line map that had been concocted by the then Republic of China and laid claim of ownership of the vast waters of Vietnams East Sea. Beijing even defies the Internal Tribunals July-12-2016 verdict that rejects the nine-dash line that has no legal basis, and continues to build up their forces on the occupied islands.

Last month, July 2019, China sent Hai Yang 8 escorted by warships to invade the Tu Chinh Islands that have been under Vietnam jurisdiction for hundreds of years.

For the sake of peace and stability in the South East Asian region, for the sovereignty of the state of Vietnam and the survival of the Vietnamese people, we respectfully request that the U.S., along with International community,


         Condemns the Peoples Republic of China for its violation of the International Laws.

         Censures the Peoples Republic of China for her aggressive and belligerent behavior toward her neighboring countries in South East Asia.

         Demands that China must immediately stop all illegal actions in the East Sea of Vietnam, return all the islands and land that it has taken from Vietnam in recent decades.

         Although our wish is to live in peaceful coexistence with neighboring countries, the Vietnamese People will be very firm and persistent in our struggle for the survival.

         In the worst scenario should the war break between China and Vietnam, please, take side with our Vietnamese people to defend their independence.


We are thankful for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,



Copies to:

The Secretary General of the United Nation.

The UN Security Council.

The US Secretary of State.

US Ambassador to China

Vietnamese Mass Media in the USA