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Lan Quoc Nguyen, Esq.

Open Letter No. 15:

The Recall in Westminster was No Residents Effort


[This article is part of open letters series which were delivered to you because the media refused to publish the same. Please forward and share to your contacts to spread accurate information relating to the recall election in Westminster]

The English media often reports that the residents start the recall in Westminster, but misses the elephant in the room by not recognizing Billionaire Kieu Hoang for what he does in the election. How can anyone attribute this recall to the residents of Westminster?  This recall effort might have started out with a few critics from the residents, but it was quickly evolved into a political theatre which was financed and singlehandedly carried out by an outside billionaire who has his own agenda which is entirely different from what these residents have been saying.

Westminster United raised and spent a little over $5,000, or less than 1% in the recall, as compared to Billionaire Kieu Hoang who dumped over 1.1 million dollars of his own money, or over 99%, to the campaign. Who is this person? Hes an 80 plus year old elderly on an egotistical power trip who neither lives nor has any business in Westminster.  He built his fortune from doing businesses in communist China or Vietnam. Hoang was fond to promote himself the Commander-in-Chief of the Westminster Recall campaign and he designed his own messages and paid for almost all of the advertisements and signature collectors himself.

 In an over a four-month signature collection effort, Hoang and his recall group barely collected enough signatures from 20% of the voters to qualify for a recall election, while forcing Westminsters taxpayers to cover for a half million-dollar bill for this misguided political adventure.  The other 80% of the voters could not put in their opposition signatures during the same time period.

As alleged by numerous residents in sworn affidavits submitted to the District Attorneys Office, Mr. Hoang paid people for each recall signature they collect, often under false pretenses such as to lower rent, to register to vote, to support the mayor, even to oppose the recall, or concealing the recall purpose altogether.  These signature collectors, many of whom are paid by the number of signatures collected, also knocked on residents doors and resorted to similar deceptive tactics.  The District Attorneys Office and California Fair Practices Commission now investigating different violations in these fraudulent signature collection tactics for possible election violations.

And as for Hoang, the self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief even offered free wine from his winery, bogus healthcare checkups or other gifts such as vitamins and show tickets, all produced by his companies, to entice Westminster residents to sign on these recall petitions.  These underhanded tactics flagrantly violated California elections laws and were fully reported to election and law enforcement authorities.

Throughout the four-month signature collection campaign, Hoang launched a most bizarre and divisive advertisement campaign in Orange County, and particularly in the Vietnamese-American community.  This self-proclaimed Commander-in-Chief of the recall hosted his own weekly hour-long shows on a number of local Vietnamese-language TV programs and on social media, attacking the targeted Westminster councilmembers and other Vietnamese American elected officials with some of the vilest and crudest language, unbefitting an 80-year old man with adult children. 

In his self-paid air time program, Hoang, at times adorned in an 18th century Vietnamese emperors costume, literally threatened to castrate, cut the tongues, and pull the teeth of anyone who dared to speak against him, particularly against various local Vietnamese-American elected officials whom he labeled as eunuchs.  In one live TV program, in full royal regalia, Hoang even brandished a running chainsaw to reinforce his threatening message against his numerous opponents, real or imagined.  In the Vietnamese-American community, Mr. Hoangs behavior has caused a strong backlash of condemnation and ridicule against him and the few supporters for hire who are rooting him to behave as such.

Hoang is paranoid enough to compile and boast a database of some 1,500 critics throughout the country who had commented or poked fun at him on social media or in the press and even displayed the enemies list on his hour-long weekly rant on Vietnamese-language TV programs.  His penchant for legal threats and lawsuits was evident as Hoang vows to sue anyone who rendered less than a favorable opinion of him or even refer to him and his photographic likeness without his permission.  Many people see Hoang as no better than an elderly bully who has hired a battery of bull-dog lawyers to intimidate those who dare to speak or offer a negative opinion of him.  Hoangs conduct in this recall is abhorrent and un-American.  His modus operandi is to engage in legal terrorism through loud and repeated public intimidation against his opponents and instilling fear in his subjects with lawsuits. Yet, the recall supporters are still grateful to him and hope that hell continue to do the same to support their cause.

Now, Hoang oddly claims that he wants to usher Westminster into a new era of civility with members of the hapless Westminster United in tow, along with new crop of politicians and candidates handpicked by him.  With this upcoming recall election, Westminster residents will have a chance to respond to this frivolous recall, reject outside influence and dark money, and reaffirm the council majority so that the city can continue to move forward as an All American City.

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