bo điện tử TRCH NHIỆM do Khu Hội CTNCT Việt Nam Nam California chủ trương

                                                          *  hoạt động từ 26/4/2008  *

"Những thng tin trn trang web ny thể hiện quyền tự do ngn luận của người đưa tin; v quyền được tiếp cận thng tin đầy đủ của người đọc."


Hộị Đồng Quản Trị

Board of Directors

Chủ Tịch/Chairman

Mr. Đỗ Văn Phc, Texas

Ph Chủ Tịch Ngoại Vụ

VP-External Affairs

Mr. Đặng Thế Khương, Arizona

Ph Chủ Tịch NộiVụ

VP Internal Affairs

Ms. Nguyễn Tr My, Georgia

Thư K/Secretary

Ms. Ng Mỹ Hạnh, Pennsylvania

Ủy Ban Lin Lạc/Communication

Mr. Vũ Hồng, Florida

Ủy Ban Giao Tế/Public Relation

Ms. Đon Đm Lệ, Georgia

Ủy Ban Kế Hoạch/Planning

Mr. Phan Quang Trọng, Texas

Ḥi Đ̀ng Chấp Hnh

Executive Board

Chủ Tịch/Chairwoman

Ms. Nguyễn Tr My, Georgia

Ph CT NgoạiVụ

VP External Affairs

Mr. Chu Chương Thnh, Virginia

Ph CT NộiVụ

VP Internal Affairs

Ms. NguyễnThu Hương, N. Carolina

Thư K/Secretary

Mr. Phan Quang Trọng, Texas

Thủ Quỹ/Treasurer

Mr. Ng Thế Bảo,











         Covid19 Relief Foundation

To: All Vietnamese American Communities in the United States

Our country has been enduring the deadly Wuhan Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic throughout all 50 states! Just in a month, the number of cases from less than 50, now reached 236 thousand, with more than 5700 dead!

We highly praise the strong will and hard work of all hearth service providers who sacrificed days and nights to save lives. We also acknowledge that hospitals are overcrowded and are in need of more personal protection equipment.

We, Vietnamese American Community of the USA, founded a Covid19 Relief Fund and launched a campaign to ask donation from our community to order face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, and/or other PPE to provide to our heroic health service providers, firstly in the states that were hard hit by the pandemic.

Donation can be contributed by one of four options below:

1.- Wire money directly to VACGA Relief Foundation, Account # 334063811152, Bank of America.

2.- Mail check to VAC-GA, P.O. Box 931291, Norcross, GA 30003. (Payable to VACGA Relief Foundation)

3.- Zelle to phone number  678-670-5219.

4.- Via Pay Pal to (Memo: Covid19 Relief Foundation.


We are very thankful to your generous contribution. Information of the Relief Fund will be updated on Social Media and all possible means.




           Đỗ Văn Phc                           Nguyễn Tramy                            Nguyễn Văn Tần                   

Ct Hội Đồng Quản Trị               Ct Hội Đồng Chấp Hnh                

Chairman of the Board of Directors   Cahirwoman of the Executive Board  Chairman of the Oversight Board.